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There was a time in our not so long ago past, that
mostly all forms of healing were done by
whomever had enough knowledge to perform the
deed. Though most early medical expertise was
obtained by trial and error, some were obtained
by reading old medical books such as the one
pictured here.

It was distributed during the 1920's and have
hundreds of  black and white  photo illustrations.
Topics: scarlet fever, malaria, yellow fever,
measles, chicken pox, scurvy, cancer, thyroid,
hernias, headaches, insomnia-just to name a few.
This book has 1019 pages and in very good
condition. No missing pages or markings. But it
does have some edge of page browning and very
minimal cover damage. The binding is also in
very good condition with no page separation. I
recently acquired another copy of this book so I
will be selling this one.
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