By using a ring worm home remedy, money and time
    can be saved. There are a large number of over the
    counter treatments for ring worm, but with a few
    ingredients properly measured and mixed,
    It would be easy to create your own cure for ring worm.
    Here's an old cure that was copied from an old medical
    document  dated 1926  by DR. William A. Evans M.D..
    When the doctor was asked the question,
    "What is ring worm and can it be cured?" He responded
    by saying ..."inflammation of the skin due to a parasite.
    Yes,the best and surest method of cure is the use of X-
    ray. A good method is to pull out the hairs around the
    ringworm patch and to keep them pulled out. "Wash
    and cleanse  twice daily with soap and water, and then
    paint with iodine or rub in sulfur and mercury
    ointment.  Spend at least ten minutes rubbing the
    ointment in. Ringworm cannot be cured by anyone in a
    short time. Patient,persevering thoroughness is a
    necessity for treatment.  It matters little what drug is

    Years ago when there wasn't a drug store on every
    corner or a doctor just a few blocks away, many people
    made their own medicines and ringworm cure was one
    of them.
    While growing up on a tobacco farm in the southern
    part of Virginia, I recall my brother and I having head
    teeter,(scalp ring worm.) The itch was something I will
    never forget! The infected spot was scaly white and
    hair in the area became very thin. My brother had a
    large spot at the front left side of his scalp and mines
    was directly in the center back of the skull.
    But thanks to dad and his old cure, we were soon
    cured. This old remedy was handed down from his
    mother,which was of African and American Indian
    descent. " Gun powder and sulfur grease." And no, we
    didn't get too close to open flames.
    Before the ointment was applied the remaining hair
    was removed from the infected area with hair clippers.
    The hair in the area was kept trimmed as close to the
    scalp as possible,(very important). The ointment was
    applied twice daily;morning and night. The head was
    covered with a night cap to keep the cream on the
    infected area and to protect sleeping covers.
    Tinea of the scalp meaning; " Any fungus skin disease."
    The condition can be very difficult to get rid of so it's
    very important to be consistent with whatever form of
    treatment you may choose.
Ring Worm Home Remedy