Dad's Ringworm Formula can cure ringworm,stop scalp itch,and promote hair
growth. This old country remedy was used by my father, a tobacco plantation
farmer, who cured head teeter, (ringworm) in  both me and my brother. I recall
having a large spot in the back center portion of my scalp,and my brother had a
large spot in the front left of his.
My father-"Pops" as he was called, knew he couldn't afford taking us to see a
doctor-so he became the doctor. Our condition was quite clear to "Pops." I
suppose he'd seen it many times while growing up on the plantations of Virginia,
where most people relied  on traditional forms of healing,better known as folk

After "Pops" applied his formula,it took a week or so before hair in the area started
to grow back. Within three weeks the spot was nearly gone.I can't recall exactly
how long it took to cure the ringworm completely,but I do recall that in a very short
time the kids at school had stopped teasing me .They used to call me spot light
because of the large ball spot in the back of my head. And as you would guess-that
really did "PISS" me off!  

I asked "Pops" why the ingredients in his formula worked. His answer was,"they
have medicine in them." Like most old cures  back then,the old people didn't know
how or why their cures worked,but only that they did.

Sadly,Pops past away in the fall of 2010,at the age of 88,but his formula lives on. I
never asked which of his relatives gave him this formula, but I don't suppose that's
very important;the important thing is,it works!
Unfortunately,many old cures have been lost forever-and many more will be. But
I've decided not to let that happen to Dad's Formula. That's why I'm offering it for a
low price of
 $25.  I think "Pops"would be happy.
Dad's Ringworm Formula