Food nutrients and nutrition, the natural way. The benefits of
Copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, and selenium.
Vitamins are essential for proper development of the human
body. Daily intake is hard to calculate since many minerals
are consumed through normal or abnormal eating habits. The  
body needs  nutrition along with a vitamin and mineral
supplements, such as b1, b12, b6, b2 and the c vitamin which
works well with manesium.

Calcium: Works with phosphorus to maintain healthy bones
and teeth;works with magnesium to promote cardiovascular
health. Helps lower risk of colon cancer and keeps heartbeat
Natural sources: milk and dairy products,soybeans, tofu,
sunflower seeds, kale, broccoli.
Recommended daily intake(rdi) : 1,200mg.

Copper: Helps the body to absorb iron,keeping energy levels
high. Helps the body utilize vitamin C.
Natural sources: peas, shrimp, organ meats, prunes.
Daily intake: No recommended daily intake has been
current recommendation is 1.5 to 3mg.

Magnesium: Helps the body process calcium and vitamin C.
Helps burn fat,protects against depression.
Natural sources: unmilled grains, figs, almonds, bananas.
Daily intake: 250 to 500 mg.

Potassium: Works with sodium to keep body's water balance
healthy and heartbeat regular. Helps body dispose of
waste,good for blood pressure, helps send oxygen to the brain.
Natural sources: Citrus fruit, watercress, potatoes, mint
leaves, bananas.
Daily intake: 1,600 to 2000 mg is considered suitable,though
no RDI has been established.

Selenium: Acts as an antioxidant slowing the aging process
and harding of tissues. Works best with vitamin E,another
antioxidant;the two mutually enhance each other's potency.
Protects against certain cancers,reduce risk of heart disease
and stroke.
Natural sources: Sea food, onions, garlic, brown rice.
Daily intake: 50 mcg for women, 70 mcg for men.

Zinc: Helps ensure healthy functions of the body's enzyme
systems. Essential for protein synthesis,speeds the healing of
wounds, reduce length and severity of colds.
Natural sources: Wheat germ, oysters, pumpkin seeds,
ground mustard, nonfat dry milk.
Daily intake: 12 to 15 mg.
Food And Minerals